Opera Is Introducing A Free VPN App. But It’s Not What You Think

Opera, the browser company, is introducing a new browser called Opera Max. Opera Max is a free VPN app that helps Android users in Africa manage and save data while streaming videos, music and viewing large photos through mobile and WiFi connection.

Sergey Lossev, Product Manager for Opera Max, will host an online press conference on Thursday, February 4, at 3pm WAT. During the press conference, he will talk us through the product and share new data and information on Africa’s browsing habits and favourite apps.

However, this app is a just data-saving app that compresses video size and helps you save data while streaming. It’s not a VPN app in the actual sense that it lets you bypass Netflix geo-restrictions. If it were, then it would mean Opera meaning is swimming against Netflix’s waves, as the video streaming service is currently cracking down on VPNs.

Last week, a VPN provider in Australia, uFLIX, reported that Netflix had started blocking some of its users. The users were receiving this message: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” Just the way Forbes won’t let you read anything on their site if you’re using AdBlock. Though it’s worth noting that uFlix already found a way to the fix .

What Netflix is doing at the moment is it’s throwing things on the wall to see what sticks. Sarah Perez of Techcrunch explains that “Netflix may be able to temporarily disrupt services like uFlix, but dedicated proxy providers will quickly find a workaround.”

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8 Reasons Why You Can’t Resist The Refreshed Etisalat Website

In the beginning, it was said that having a website was absolutely necessary. While that might be true, having a website today goes beyond the functionality and has more to do with the user experience or emotional connection.

What are we saying?  We live in a time and age where a website does not just connote a web presence but a rich multimedia experience defined by how users interact with the system. As a company that is customer centric, Etisalat created its new website for the visiting pleasure of the user. So no matter where you come from whether desktop, mobile, or TV browsers; we simply created the ultimate website experience.

1. User Centric Design

We designed an experience that does not need to be learned but intuitive. Our philosophy is if a user has to think through it, then it is not good enough. Knowing that the user is the real hub of activity, we selected best case scenarios for user journey and user interaction from a series of mapped out use case scenarios.

2. Simplicity & Consistency

If you have to try to understand it, then it is not simple enough. We’ve simplified content and context so much to natural level by organizing text, call to action buttons and banners to be clear, concise, legible and straight to the point.

The feel of equality on both web and mobile versions of the website brings a feeling of consistent familiarity that backs an assurance of catering for everyone irrespective of browsing environment.

3. Responsive Layout

We have made the user, the ultimate decision maker in terms of the experience a user gets based on his device type, browser type or device screen resolution.

We introduced reflow configurations that makes the website adjust to whatever device type the user has, so nothing is missed out. The experience we have created does not limit a user to his device no matter how low end the device is.

4. Readability

We understand that users want to find what they want, in an ordered manner and simply too, they don’t want to read through too much content to find something.

We put content ahead of design by organizing our content into blocks of few specific words that reduce cognitive load on users. We’ve made the content easily scanable by the eyes to a few lines and trimmed down to simple easily understood English.

5. SEO

We’ve made information about us so easy to find. This we have done with On-page, off-page and image optimizations. Leveraging on well-defined taglines, header tags, standard meta descriptions, structured data markup, keywords in URL with SEO (link) structures and rich snippets, preview of pages can easily be found in search results with enough information that increases click-through rate and generates leads.

Our site map is periodically updated for search bots (Google/Bing/Yahoo indexing system), so we always have fresh and not stale content. Deep linking techniques employed has seen our links achieving far more reach, we have even achieved this further with domain referrals.

6. Low Bounce Rate

We identified and nipped bottlenecks that caused visitors who land on the website to get out without moving further on to other pages of the site and our efforts have paid off as we see visitors coming to our site and spending time there moving from one page to another, reading the content and clicking through.

7. Performance

We have achieved a website performance that is best in our industry. Our website loads fast with speed of about 2 secs and average load time of about 4 secs. It is also optimized even for low internet speed situations.

8. Utility Hub

Buying, using and sharing are key to life online. We have empowered our customers by providing utility features on our website such that they can buy airtime or data for themselves, friends or loved ones as well as subscribe to some of our services.

Day or night, irrespective of location, our customers can simply recharge from our website.



The Etisalat Nigeria website is ranked the most visited telco website in Nigeria and with the best user experience rating.

Yes, we are happy with the results we are seeing but not relenting in our efforts in ensuring continuous improvements to the website. We are always researching, continually reviewing the entire website, engaging our visitors on their satisfaction levels, areas of improvement and of course continuously providing enhancements.

As a brand truly dedicated to providing a best-in-class experience online, we keep pushing ourselves to ensuring the Etisalat Nigeria website is constantly in sync with advancements in technology and changes in human/user behavior.


God might just pop up on TV!

Supernatural season 11: Jared Padelecki says Darkness opens door for ‘God and Lucifer to pop up’

Supernatural Season 11 wallpaper

Actors Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins in Supernatural(The CW)

Supernatural fans have seen demons, angels, and the Garden of Eden in the past seasons. In season 11, they may get a glimpse of God himself, in the hit series.

Actor Jared Padelecki in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, dished on the divine possibility and said, “I think [the Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up.” The actor also teased that the show is going more biblical, and told EW, “We’re certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn’t make it into the Bible.”

This could also mean that Sam and Dean have to turn to Metatron, but even his knowledge isn’t a match for God. Padelecki equipped, “Since we know God’s a scribe, we may have to invite him along for the ride.”

The 5th season of Supernatural ended with Lucifer falling into the cage. Fans have been waiting for the possible return of one of the series’ greatest villains, and their wish may just come true in season 11.

Previously, Misha Collins who plays Angel Castiel said that his character and Dean will put their differences aside and unite to fight the pre-biblical threat. He said, “We are going to see them put their differences aside and unite against that common enemy. I think that they are aware that the presence of The Darkness is actually their fault and they have to clean up the mess that they have made.”

“This season is going to be about reuniting us against a big bad, which is something we have done before, but it is changing it up. It’s giving us a new focus and I think that is going to be great,” Collins teased.

The season 10 finale left Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley in a dire situation. The Winchester brothers are enveloped by darkness, and the angel is struggling to fight Rowena’s guard dog spell that compels him to kill the King of Hell, in the episode titled My Brother’s Keeper. Supernatural season 11 will premiere on 7 October on The CW.

GIST: Charly Boy Dumps Lady D, Takes Second Wife


Controversial musician Charly Boy has claimed he has taken a second wife despite recently celebrating his 37th wedding anniversary to ‘first’ wife, Lady D.

Charly Boy and Lady D have five children together.

According to the self-titled Area Fada, he met new wife, Ify Koko, when she called in during a radio programme about a year ago and they made things ‘permanent’ a few months ago.

The ‘weird couple’, Charly Boy and Lady D celebrated their wedding anniversary with loving words a couple in June.

Charly has said his new marriage has not and will not in any way affect his marriage to Lady D.

Charly Boy and his wife Diane
He said: “Diane is still with me, we are not divorced. We have been happily married for 38 years now and she is the chief mother of my home and all my children, and that is not changing. She goes no leave, no transfer. Every other woman I have live in their separate places. I really don’t see the big deal about it; People are over blowing the whole thing. I am an African man, and I can marry as much as I can take care of, and I don’t believe in divorce.”

On his new wife, he said: “I met her on another radio show. She was one of the callers and that was how it all started. I have known her for over a year now until we decided to make it a permanent thing few months ago.
Some body of my status needs more than one wife; I need many wives, many children and plenty of love that will do it for me.

“Koko is the 18th woman in my life right now and she is the latest. As you can see, I am looking younger because I am very happy with my new bride, who is very beautiful and supportive. I have also decided to go on air with her because she has something to bring to the table; she is an advertiser and human resource manager. I am now married to Ify Koko, a Nigerian-Ethiopian.”

Fans of the artiste, however, remain skeptical, with deeming the entire event mere publicity for Charly Boy’s new radio talk show with Ms. Koko called, Talk Junction.

GIST: Tiwa Savage Changes Name On Her Instagram Account

Tiwa Savage Changes Name On Her Instagram Account

Mavin first lady Tiwa Savage is gradually making her way back to mainstream music after giving birth  to her first child in July 2015.

The nursing mother just changed her Instagram handle from @officialtiwasavage to @Tiwasavage.


She’s currently the leading Nigerian female act with the highest number on followers on the social media with 607,000 followers.

MUSIC: Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

download mp3 Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

Download And Listen To Till It Happens To You By Lana Del Rey.

A few days ago, a paparazzo accosted a surprisingly smiley Lana Del Rey leaving the airport in Los Angeles. Instead of blowing him up with a bazooka, however, she actually told him her favorite song off of her forthcoming album Honeymoon: “Terrence Loves You,” because it’s “jazzy.” And now, following the slow, luxuriant title track and the hip-hop inflected “High By The Beach,” Lana’s favorite has finally arrived. It’s not really all that jazzy — there is piano and a faraway trumpet, but that’s about it — but it is a dreamy, late-night slow-burn that briefly interpolates “Space Oddity,” of all things. “I lost myself when I lost you/ But I still got jazz when I’ve got the blues,” Lana sings in the chorus. Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3 Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

Listen To OVO Sound Radio Episode 4 With Majid Jordan’s Jordan Ullman

Listen Download Stream Stream OVO Sound Radio Episode 3Check out the new episode of OVO’s Beats 1 radio show.

OVO Radio was back for another installment Saturday evening, and this time it was Jordan Ullman, one half of OVO duo Majid Jordan, who took the hot seat.

The show started with a lengthy set from OVO’s resident tastemaker, Oliver El-Khatib, which featured music from ASAP Rocky, Ginuwine, Jai Paul, and an exclusive from Reekz & Section Boyz. Halfway through, Drake called in (using the heavy Scarborough accent we heard in his Jungle short film), explaining he’s in the “cave” working on his album.

After that, Jordan went on to play some exclusive instrumentals, as well as a brand new song from Majid Jordan.

Listen and check out the full tracklist below.

Click to listen.

Oliver Set
A$AP Rocky – Wassup
Drake – November 18th
Trey Songz – Unfortunate
Sade – The Moon And The Sky RMX (feat. JAY Z)
Drake – I Get Lonely Too
TLC – Fanmail
Ginuwine – Final Warning (feat. Aaliyah)
The Weeknd – What You Need
Tears For Fears – Ideas As Opiates
James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream
Jai Paul – BTSTU
Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy
-Drake Checks In-
Reekz & Section Boyz – Lock Off RMX – Exclusive
Nines – Can’t Blame Me
Drake – Money to Blow (Eric Dingus RMX)
Layla Hendryx – B.T.W
Abillyon – Oh No
Shy Glizzy – U Hear Me
Woop – In n Out
iLoveMakonnen – Where Ya Girl At
Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On (Edit)
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together
-MajidJordan Checks In-

Jordan Set
Majid Jordan – Unreleased Beat #1 – Exclusive
Majid Jordan – Unreleased Beat #2 – Exclusive
Majid Jordan – Unreleased Beat #3 – Exclusive
Drake – Hotline Bling
Majid Jordan – Learn From Each Other – Exclusive
Change – Hold Tight
Good People – Patience
Good People – Patience (Majid Jordan RMX)
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
Good People – Give Me A Reason
Wiley – From The Drop
Dr. Silver – Jupiter Spacedisco
James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman Refix)
Majid Jordan – My Love (feat. Drake)