Lmfao!! Luis Suarez ‘trolled’ by Fifa 15 Game After World Cup Biting Scandal

It seems the Luis Suarez jokes are just going
to keep rumbling on, with the makers of Fifa
15 the latest to allegedly troll the former
Liverpool striker.
Suarez is currently serving a four-month ban
from ‘all football-related activity’ after biting
Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.
We’ve seen the Twitter jokes and internet
memes, not to mention an array of
questionable fan tattoos, but now it appears
video-game phenomenon Fifa has also got in
on the act.
The makers usually come up with a gag or
two in each new addition of the game,
ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
But their latest rumoured ‘joke’ definitely
falls into the former category, if leaked
pictures of the in-game Suarez’s ability to
nibble at an opponent are proved accurate.


We can’t wait to see this in action when the
game’s released in September.

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