GRAND THEFT AUTO BRAZIL – Armed robbers steal 40,000 Samsung Devices in Brazil


At a Samsung factory in Brazil armed
robbers hijacked a night shift bus,
subdued workers, and made off with
40,000 devices, including smartphones,
tablets, and notebook computers. Police
estimate the value of the goods at $36
million, though Samsung says that’s too
high. Other estimates place the value at $
6.3 million. Roughly 20 gang members
were involved in the incident, which São
Paulo authorities are currently
investigating. Fortunately nobody was
hurt in the robbery.
First the armed bandits took eight
employees hostage as they approached
the factory in the night shift bus. They
took ID cards from two, disarmed the
factory guards, and isolated the rest of
the Samsung employees. It took about
three hours to get the goods out of the
Well After tonight’s loss to Germany, HTC,
Sony and Motorola better keep watch of
thier offices cause the robbers could
attack again.


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