Solange Knowles Finally Opens Up On The Elevator Fight With Jay-Z


In her first interview since the infamous
#Solange-JayzElevatorFight at the Met Gala,
Solange Knowles finally addresses the

In an interview with Lucky
Magazine, Solange calls the incident simply
“that thing.” She goes on to briefly discuss
the drama, before switching subjects.

“What’s important is that my family and I
are all good. What we had to say
collectively was in the statement that we
put out, and we all feel at peace with that.”

Well, some reports have claimed that after
the staged reconciliation photos of Jay Z,
Beyonce and Solange were put out to make
it seem all is forgiven, Jay Z banned Solange
from coming anywhere near him in public
and that the quarrel was about something so
small and stupid.. Let’s hope that it’s really
something small because Beyonce’s
Performance and change of lyrics while on
tour doesn’t seem like it.


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